Melanie Heitkamp, LICSW, Executive Director,

Jessica Fleck, LCSW, Program Manager,

Cathy Olson, LBSW, Program Manager, Shelter Supervisor,

Thomas Cook, Program Manager, Out of School Suspension Teacher,

Nancy Anderson, Administrative Assistant,

Brandon Baity, LBSW, Out of School Suspension Coordinator,

Katy Van Dyke, Shelter

Sheyenne Puetz, LBSW, Parenting Pathaways/TLP Coordinator,

Casey Bjerk, Parenting Pathaways/TLP Coordinator,

Elizabeth Stoutland, LBSW, Human Trafficking Specialist,

Megan Lundborg, LBSW, Human Trafficking Specialist,

Taylor Lambrecht , Human Trafficking Specialist,

Samantha Bishop, LBSW, Diversion Coordinator,

J’Neil Gibson, Street Outreach Coordinator,

Erik Ryder, Street Outreach Coordinator,