Melanie Heitkamp, LICSW, Executive Director,

Jessica Fleck, LCSW, Program Manager,

Ethan Hoepfner, LSWProgram Manager,

Cathy Olson, LSW, Program Manager, Shelter Supervisor,

Nancy Anderson, Administrative Assistant,

Kari Flaagan, B.A., Marketing & Community Relations,

Thomas Cook, Out of School Suspension Teacher,

Brandon Baity, LSW, Out of School Suspension Coordinator,

Melissa Williams, LSW, Human Trafficking Navigator,

Anne LaFrinier-Ritchie, B.A.,  Human Trafficking Navigator,

Katy Van Dyke, Shelter

Sheyenne Puetz, LSW, Parenting Pathaways/TLP Coordinator,

Megan Lundborg, LSW, Street Outreach Coordinator,

Samantha Bishop, LSW, Diversion Coordinator,

Erik Ryder, Transitional Living Coordinator,