[5-9-18] $150,000 Otto Bremer Trust Grant

Youthworks receives grant of $150,000 from the Otto Bremer Trust for transitional living program for homeless youth.

Bismarck, North Dakota, (May 9, 2018) – Youthworks in North Dakota recently received a grant in the amount of $150,000 from Otto Bremer Trust to support their Transitional Living Program for homeless youth ages 18-21.

In 2017, Youthworks provided housing for 90 homeless youth. An additional 150 youth received support services and case management. Youthworks transitional living program helps individuals make the transition to independence through support and assistance with housing, education and independent living skills and employment.

“This is an investment in the youth of our community which will positively impact the lives of homeless youth throughout North Dakota,” said to Mark Heinert, Program Manager at Youthworks. “It is also a very sound financial investment in our state. Each youth that our program can help transition to independence will result in a cost savings (for tax payers) of more than $200,000 over the course of the lifetime of the youth. This can be seen in lower emergency room visits, lower incarceration rates, and less reliance on social welfare programs.”

For more than 30 years Youthworks has been successfully sheltering homeless youth in North Dakota. Without the help of the Otto Bremer Trust, 51 homeless youth would have found themselves without a safe place to sleep and without the essential services they need to transition into healthy adulthood.  “On behalf of the homeless youth we serve, we are extremely grateful to the Foundation for their partnership and commitment to serve homeless youth in North Dakota,” said Melanie Heitkamp, Executive Director at Youthworks.

Youthworks will be able to continue to provide these services and housing in 2018 thanks to the Otto Bremer Trust.

About the Otto Bremer Trust:
The Otto Bremer Trust, based in St. Paul, Minn., is a private charitable turst established in 1944 by founder Otto Bremer, a successful banker and community business leader. ODT owns 92 percent of Bremer Bank and also manages a diversified investment portfolio. The mission of OTB is to invest in people, places and opportunities in the Upper Midwest. Since its inception, OBT has invested more than $600 million in organizations throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and western Wisconsin. Visit ottobremmer.org.