Fargo Staff


Melanie Heitkamp, LCSW, Executive Director, mheitkamp@youthworksnd.org

Cathy Olson, LBSW, Eastern Assistant Executive Director, colson@youthworksnd.org

Thomas Cook, Program Manager, tcook@youthworksnd.org

Brandon Baity, LBSW, Program Director, bbaity@youthworksnd.org

Katy Van Dyke M.S., Shelter Coordinatorkvandyke@youthworksnd.org

Xantha Dick B.A., Shelter Facilitator, xdick@youthworksnd.org

Claire Paulson, Shelter Facilitator, cpaulson@youthworksnd.org

Morgan Gaikowski B.A., Shelter Facilitator, mgaikowski@youthworksnd.org

Megan Lundborg, LBSW, Human Trafficking Survivor Expert, mlundborg@youthworksnd.org

Elizabeth Stoutland, LBSW, Human Trafficking Specialist, estoutland@youthworksnd.org

Taylor Lambrecht, B.A, Human Trafficking Specialist, tlambrecht@youthworksnd.org

Sheyenne Puetz, LBSW, YCAP Coordinator and Parenting Pathways Coordinator, spuetz@youthworksnd.org

Casey Bjerk, A.A., Transitional Living Coordinator, cbjerk@youthworksnd.org

Erik Ryder, Street Outreach Coordinator, eryder@youthworksnd.org

J’Neil Gibson, YCAP Coordinator and Street Outreach Coordinator, jgibson@youthworksnd.org

Samantha Rogstad, LBSW, Diversion Coordinator, srogstad@youthworksnd.org

Madalyn Welty, LMSW, Out of School Suspension Coordinator,  mwelty@youthworksnd.org

Caitlin Georgina, Out of School Suspension Teacher, cgeorgina@youthworksnd.org

Nancy Anderson, Administrative Assistant, youthworks@youthworksnd.org



Jamestown Staff


Amanda Thomas, Mentor Coordinator, athomas@youthworksnd.org



Grand Forks Staff


Michael Anthony, Shelter Facilitator, manthony@youthworksnd.org

Courtney Havilund, Divert Coordinator, chaviland@youthworksnd.org

Ann Herbeck, Day Report Coordinator, aherbeck@youthworksnd.org