School based programming (Middle and Senior High)

Day Report


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Youth and Family Services (youth under 18)

Guardian ad Litem Program

A guardian is a person appointed by the court to advocate for the best interest of a child involved in Juvenile Court. The core function of a guardian is an objective examination of the child’s situation to assist the court in understanding the child’s true circumstances and needs. A guardian’s role is to ensure every child lives in a safe, healthy permanent family. Our mission statement is “to provide effective, independent advocacy in the best interest of children before the court”.


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The Divert program provides early intervention to youth entering the juvenile court system due to status offense charges. The program helps youth and families address the issues that have led to law enforcement involvement in order to prevent further advancement into the juvenile court system.

Support Services

  • Assessment and counseling
  • Develop a plan to address concerns that led to citation.
  • Individual counseling and case management
  • Crisis intervention
  • Referral to other Youthworks services including mentoring, family counseling, anger management counseling, academic assistance or independent living groups.
  • Referral to community programs.
  • Progress reporting to the Juvenile Court, as needed.

Eligibility: Youth referred by the Juvenile Court due to citation.

Parental consent is required and parental participation is highly encouraged.


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Short-Term Care and Assessment Center

Youthworks shelters provide comprehensive emergency services to runaway youth and their families, as well as, youth experiencing significant parent/child conflict and provide one-time drop-in, and crisis line services to youth who may be contemplating running away and require or seek only a minimal level of service (such as information and referral to other services providers). Full reunification services are available including individual and family counseling, anger management, mediation, mentoring, and personalized aftercare services. For both runaway and short-term care situations parents or guardians retain custody and reunification is intended to happen within 96 hours, or sooner if possible. Professional assessment is available 7 days a week Attendant Care is on-call, short term, staff secure holding of juvenile offenders who cannot or do not need to be placed in a physically secure setting and 1. cannot be immediately released to their parents 2. need to be held until a longer term placement can be arranged 3. need to be held while an investigation is being conducted 4. for whom shelter care is not appropriate due to the risk of running All authorizations for attendant care will go through various law enforcement agencies. Placing agencies have the authority to make placements for up to 24 hours. Placements of 24-48 hours may be allowed by Youthworks but require notification of the Juvenile Court.


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Youth 13 - 24

Anti-Human Trafficking

A program providing direct service and intensive case management to young survivors of human trafficking, including sex and labor trafficking. Services include individual intake/assessment, individual counseling, appropriate service referrals, transportation, and various emergency shelter and transitional housing options. This program aims to help these young survivors (through age 22) establish a safe, healthy, and secure future. Program staff are also available to provide training and community education.


Grand Forks

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